My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning…

All Experiences Create Learning Experiences… 

            When you teach, others learn; when you teach, you learn.  Teaching and learning go together simultaneously – like peanut butter and jelly – and are the two most important concepts in any classroom.  No matter what you do, you are constantly learning and growing as an individual, a teacher, and a student.  Teaching and learning can, and does, occur in a variety of different ways – methods, strategies, places, etc. – so that everyone – students and teachers – can grow, learn, and benefit from each and all “learning” experiences. 

            I have been a part of many innovative, diverse, stimulating, and enjoyable teaching, and learning, experiences in and out of the classroom.  These experiences have made me grow as a person (an individual) and as a teacher.  Since my first year of university, my worldview related to teaching and learning has grown and changed significantly – developing into the worldview that I have now.  Teaching is not just something you do, it is something you love (and love to do).  During the summer before my third year of education, I questioned myself on whether or not I was in the right profession – having doubts that maybe teaching just wasn’t for me.  Now, after four years of learning experiences, teaching experiences, and reflection, I know that this is definitely the right profession for me – no doubt about it!  Teaching is what I want to do, and I believe made to do.  I have worked very hard to get to where I am today, and I am especially proud of all my accomplishments – personally and professionally.  I have gained a lot of confidence in myself, and in my teaching abilities.  I have opened myself up to trying and doing – teaching and learning – many new, different, interesting, exciting, and rewarding experiences. 

            Teaching is a gift, it is a passion.  In my teaching profession, I want to achieve a positive and professional relationship with my students and my co-workers (staff).  I want to be a positive role-model for my students – someone who they can feel comfortable around, someone who they can trust, and someone who they can look up to.  Teaching holds many responsibilities, but I believe that the most important role of any teacher is teaching.  I want to provide meaningful, positive, and beneficial learning experiences for students in, and out, of the classroom – and have fun while doing it.  Teaching is what I love doing, and something that I will always love doing – once a teacher, always a teacher!

My Philosophy of Catholic Education


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