RESOURCE – Anti-Bullying

Bullying is a problem in every school, and an issue that needs to be recognized, dealt with, and learned about.  National Bullying Week takes place in November of each year (starting in 2003), but should take place everyday in the classroom.  During my internship, I developed and taught an anti-bullying unit for the month of November (not even knowing about  National Bullying Week).  The unit was a sucess – the students took the issue very seriously and learned a lot – which I could “see” in their actions, behaviours, and words towards other classmates and students.  Below I have attached the Anti-Bullying Unit that I developed for grade 4/5, as well as some helpful resources to use in the classroom [for National Bullying Week and EVERYDAY!]

[My] Anti-Bullying Unit

Love is Louder – National Bullying Week 

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2 Responses to RESOURCE – Anti-Bullying

  1. courosa says:

    well done – and a few more for you at:

  2. I find all of this information so helpful for me as a beginning teacher. Even though I am currently developing a critical project on bullying, I agree that the situation needs to be handled every single day. Sometimes, children bully without even realizing it…and sometimes, teachers do not handle the issue when it occurs. For my project, I have already talked to many teachers and most say the same thing… “Effective classroom management strategies, along with a supportive and respectful environment can prevent bullying altogether.” Thanks for the resources. These will help me!

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