“Quote” for the day…

~What the teacher is, is more than what he or she teaches.  Menniger

Meaning that… It doesn’t matter how much you know [knowledge you have], it is about how you “use” [teach] what you know… 

Teaching is not about having students memorize and regurgitate facts [that the teacher believes are true]… It’s about:

-building [professional] relationships with students,

-being a positive, professionsl role-model for students,

-inluding beliefs, values, opinions, and views [of the teacher and the students] into teaching and learning = the “hidden curriculum” [Teaching “Quotes” ~ The “Hidden Curriculum”],

-providing education for all students in a regular classroom setting, regardless of disability or disorder, ethnicity, language, or social class = inclusive education, etc… 

Website: Inclusive Education Canada

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