“Quote” for the day…

…there is no recipe for teaching. Young, Levin & Wallin, 2006

There is not only one consistent “method” when it comes to teaching and learning… all teachers teach differently and all students learn differently… Teaching is about meeting the needs of ALL students! [which is always going to be different and constantly going to be changing]

But what if there was a recipe for teaching… What would it look like/include?

What would you “put” into your recipe for teaching and learning?           

                                                       Add it here!

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One Response to “Quote” for the day…

  1. Wesley Fryer says:

    I’m inclined to disagree with Young, Levin & Wallin.

    There ARE recipies for teaching and learning, but I don’t think they should be treated as formulas. Just as a new cook uses recipes to get started making some great dishes, we also should seek recipes for meaningful learning as we continue on our journeys as educators. As we gain experience and confidence, like a cook, we will naturally adapt, tweak and innovate with recipes. This is both natural and good. If we stop growing in this process we risk serving metaphorical “fast food” to our students, rather than co-creating the gourmet meals we all deserve and can benefit from most.


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