“Quote” for the day…

~ As teahers, we have the requirement – and the opportunity also – to be learners all the time, discovering more about students, curricula, and education as we go.  That is no small gift.  Young, Levin & Wallin, 2006

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One Response to “Quote” for the day…

  1. I really like this quote, and I’m glad you posted it! I was also updating some of my favourite quotes on my blog and I came across one like yours — “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” ~John Cotton Dana. As teachers, I think we sometimes forget that learning is an important part of the teaching process. In your list, I think that “students” are the most important to understand. Every student must feel like a welcome and contributing member of the class, and teachers must make the curriculum suitable and accessible for their needs and strengths.

    One could also add the word “society” to your quote. As technology keeps on getting better and better, it is interesting to think about the kind of transformations that will be made in the classroom. As teachers, we need to “keep up” with these latest trends, since we are teaching our students to live in an evolving society. If these skills aren’t taught to them, they will “fall through the cracks”. Moreover, teachers must be informed of the latest issues and current events, so that students can get the opportunity to solve problems and engage in critical thinking.

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