I had never thought about YouTube, or YouTube users, so “deeply” until watching the video An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch.  From this video, I learned a lot of interesting, surprising, and funny things about YouTube.  Personally, I am not a YouTube “user” (meaning that I don’t upload my own videos), but I am a YouTube “viewer” (meaning that I watch YouTube videos) – but who knows, maybe someday I will become a YouTube “user.”  When used “appropriately” YouTube can be a great (and helpful) resource – even in the classroom!

YouTube = Freedom to Experience Humanity without Fear or Anxiety…???

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One Response to YouTube…???

  1. I am in the same boat as you Vanessa. I do not add my own personal videos to Youtube. I usually use Youtube for entertainment purposes. During my internship, I used Youtube several times because I felt like it taught the students a particular subject better than I could. Mainly I used it to get ready for field trips to Brown’s Coulee and Agribition. I want to use it to a greater extent when I have my own classroom.

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