A Little About Me!

ECPM 355 – Tech Task #1 – https://vanessahipkins.wordpress.com/

Hi!  My name is Vanessa Hipkins.  I am in my final semester of my fourth year of Education here at the University of Regina (Yay!).  I have lived in Regina for the past four years now while attending university, but originally I am from the small (small, small…) town of Porcupine Plain Saskatchewan (about three hours North East of Regina).  I am part of a very close, loving, and growing family of eight – dad, mom, two (older) brothers, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.  I enjoy taking part in a wide variety of hobbies and activities – playing, watching, and coaching sports, cooking and baking, painting landscape pictures, and traveling around the world to name a few.

And now about the “computer stuff…”

Growing up, technology (computers, cell phones, iPods, etc.) was not an important part of my everyday life, nor was it as “popular” as it is now.  I started to become more “technology advanced” as I got older (around high school) when I wanted (and it was “cool”) to have a cell phone to text my friends and a computer to check my hotmail account, Facebook account, etc…

I see a similar experience in kids today, expect that now “it”kids wanting and using technology – is happening at a much younger age – in elementary school!  In elementary school, my biggest concern was with what I was going to do, and with who I was going to play with at recess, not about technology. Personally, I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing…?  Are we “advancing” kids too much and too young now-a-days… or is this “technology” (and knowledge of technology) going to help kids in developing (and advancing) their future… for the better…?

With this said… most of my experiences with technology have come from personal experiences – things that I have taught myself and learned by just using – and playing around with – “technology” – for example computers (learning skills to help with school, work, and personal experiences…)

My thoughts…

In today’s world, it seems that one must know how to use “technology” in order to be successful (and to more or less survive!)  So, I do think that it is important to include technology, most importantly computers, into the classroom and the learning environment – but with some limitations.  Not all work and assignments need to be done on a computer – reading a book for research and writing a story, letter, essay, etc. are all very important skills that need to be taught, learned, and used in the classroom.  But, I also believe that computer skills such as typing and online researching are equally as important – especially in the “technical” world we live in today.  Online “extra-curricular” activities, such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, as well as cell phones, are all ways of learning about technology, and ways of gaining different “technology skills,” but for now, I don’t think that they have a “proper” place/fit in the classroom and learning environment… but maybe in the future…?

With this said… technology is a huge part of my everyday life – I don’t think that I could live without my computer or cell phone – for school, work, and personal use that is!

In conclusion…

From this class, I want to learn more about computers for my personal use, as well as learn a variety of ways in which I can incorporate computers and other sources of technology into the classroom and learning environment – fun, active, and interesting ways – that are meaningful, useful, and beneficial!

I don’t know much about computers and technology, but I like learning about it, and I catch on fairly quickly!  I am excited to broaden my “technology knowledge!”


Vanessa Hipkins

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