The start of my teaching career…

On Friday morning, I accepted a temporary contract (for May and June) to teach grade 6 at Esterhazy High School… yay!  I am very excited, as well as a little nervous; but this is going to be a great [teaching and learning] experience for me… can’t wait!

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ECMP 355 Summary of Personal Learning (Screenr)

My original plan was to use Jing to make my screencast, but right when I started recording the program cancelled on me and I lost everything, including the programming… So then I decided to use Screenr – another popular screencasting tool that I learned about in class – I found Screenr simple and easy to use (similar to Jing), but most importantly it was easy to upload and share my screencast (something that I was nervous about doing with Jing).  I am really happy with how my FIRST screencast turned out, and I can’t wait to make another one!  Enjoy! 

ECMP 355 Summary of Personal Learning (Screenr)

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The End Is Near… Last Week of Classes!

After four years of university, I am eager (and ready) to start my teaching career.  University has been a great, fulfilling, and memorable experience for me – and one that I am definitely going to miss; but I am even more excited for the future and the new experiences to come – in the classroom! 

I have had a few interviews with different school divisions in and around Regina, as well as one in a rural community – so now I’m just waiting (the hardest part) with my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

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TPC ~ “Quote” for the day…

~ Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire.             William Butler Yeats

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Online Identity vs. Offline Identity… (Tech Task #10)

Is “who” you are online a true reflection of “who” you are offline?

For some the answer may be yes and for others the answer may be no… When creating an online identity, YOU decide if your “identity” is real, fake, or anonymous… and YOU may be the only one who knows the truth behind your online identity. So “who” is correct?

Personally, my online identity (my Facebook page, blog, Twitter account…) is a true reflection of who I am offline. Since the beginning of this class, my online identity has grown immensely, which can be seen through my blog [], and I have had a lot of fun “sharing” it with others (and hope to continue to share it with future employers and employees). But, I am careful of what and how much personal information I put online, just like I am careful of what and how much personal information I share offline [with others]. I am the same person online as I am offline… which can’t be said for everyone…?

As a future educator, I believe that who you are online should reflect who you are offline, and vice versa. With the growth of technology in the classroom, it is important to model and teach students how to use it, but also how to use it “right” – how to be safe and protect yourself online (just as you would offline; for example: sharing personal information with the public). If YOU have something to hide online, then it shouldn’t be online – for the sake, and safety, of yourself personally and professionally.

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ECMP 355 FINAL PROJECT – The Situation

Finally!  After many hours of filming and editing (using iMovie) we are DONE our final project… Yay! I am very happy with how everything turned out, as well as learned one very important lesson – ALWAYS ADD AUDIO LAST! Check it out – Enjoy!

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TPC ~ “Quote” for the day…

~All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  Buddha


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